Over the last 20 years we have met and come to know a wonderful collection of composers and presented their music in galleries, recital and concert halls, private homes, educational institutions, at festivals and award ceremonies and in the studio.

Since 1998 Halcyon has championed new contemporary vocal chamber music, forging connections with composers both here and across the globe, in the search for the best of new contemporary chamber music for voice. The ensemble has commissioned, performed and recorded works by many highly esteemed Australian composers.

It’s wonderful to work alongside living composers, and we are privileged to have brought to life extraordinary new pieces by some of the best contemporary writers of vocal music, in addition to staging international masterworks such as George Crumb’s Ancient Voices of Children, Berio’s Folksongs, Kaija Saariaho’s Grammaire des Reves, Unsuk Chin’s Akrostichon-Wortspiel, Steve Reich’s Tehillim, Trevor Wishart’s Vox II, Claude Vivier's Bouchara, Györgi Ligeti’s Sippál, Dobbál, Nádihegedüvel…. and many more. Follow the links below to find out more about the composers, the works and the performances, and to buy/listen to the tracks themselves.

Performed Repertoire

   C = Commissioned        WP = World Premiere        AP = Australian Premiere

Australian Composers

Abbott It is just the heart (2006) WP sop, str4t
Abbott No ordinary traveller (2006)C WP ms, cl, perc, pf buy
Abbott The Domestic Sublime Pt 1 (2011) s, pf
Abbott The Domestic Sublime Pt 2 (2011) s, pf
Abbott Follow me through the shadow (2013)C WP s, ms, vc buy
Adams Sometimes snow fell, sometimes darkness... (2013)C WP s, ms, a fl buy
Atherton Of Stone and Silence (2008)C WP s, ms, cl, vc, pf
Blom Triptych (war letters) (2015)C WP s, ms, b, va, pf, perc buy
Boyd Cycle of Love (1981) ms, a fl, vc, pf
Brophy When Peacocks Dance (2014) C WP s, ms, fl, cl, pf
Butterley Carmina: Four Latin Poems of Spring (1968, rev. 1990) ms, fl, ob, cl, hn, bsn
Butterley Three Whitman Songs (2005) WP s, pf
Butterley Orphei Mysteria (2008)C WP s, ms, fl, cl, ob, gui, vn, va, vc buy
Butterley Nature changes at the speed of life (2014)C WP s, vc buy
Calcraft Stephanos (2002)C WP s, ms, electro-acoustic hp, ampl. pf
Calcraft Verathmende, Schillernde, Blitzende... (2014)C WP s, fl, vc \nbuy
Clement Fracture (2000) AP ms, fl, vc, pf buy
Dargaville Kolam, Movt III (2014) pf
Dean Literature and A Child is a Grub from Poems and Prayers (2006) ms, pf
Dean Toy Language 1 (2010)C WP ms, tpt, pf, acousmatic material, live processing
Dean Toy Language 2 (2010)C WP ms, acousmatic material, live processing
Dean Wordspotting (2010)C WP ms, tpt, pf, acousmatic material, live processing
Dean Akurra: Lives in a new world (2012)C WP s, ms, acousmatic material, live processing
Drummond Book of Changes III (2012)C WP s, ms, live processing
East The Voice of the Shuttle (2005)C WP ms, fl, ob, cl, hn, bsn, 2 vn, va, vc, db
Edwards Maninya I (1981 rev. 1985) ms, vc buy
Edwards Maninya V (1985) ms, pf buy / listen
Edwards The Hermit of Green Light (1979) ms, pf
Edwards Dance Mantras and Alleluyahs (2008 version) 2 s, 2 ms, ensemble
Edwards The Harp and the Moon (2008) hp
Edwards Five Senses: 5 poems of Judith Wright (2012)WP ms, pf, perc
Edwards Mantras and Alleluyas (2007) I Alleluya, Dance Mantra II The Light of Compassion III Sancti Spiritus adsit nobis s, ms, mixed choir
Edwards The Tranquil Mind (2013) C WP s, ms, cl, vc buy
Edwards Prelude and Laughing Rock (2003) vc
Edwards Water Spirit Song (2003) vc
Edwards Interlude from Koto Dreaming (2003) koto
Finsterer Sentence for dinner (1986) s, fl
Ford "Once upon a time there were two brothers…” (2013) ms, fl
Ford Willow Songs (2009) C WP s, ms, fl, cl, perc, pf buy / listen
Ford Snatches of Old Lauds from Hamlet (2002) cl, vc
Ford Epithalamium (1991) WP ms, st4t
Ford To My Excellent Lucasia, on our Friendship (2013) WP s, ms, b cl, vib buy
Gifford Spell Against Sorrow (2003) ms, gtr
Greenbaum Songs of Sleep (1998/2006) WP ms,hp; s, hp; ms, hp
Greenbaum Opalescence (2013) C WP s, ms, vc, vib buy
Gyger From the hungry waiting country (2006/09) WP 2 s, 2 ms, hp
Gyger This Kind of Life (2018) C, WP s, ms, fl, cl, vc, pf, hp
Gyger Petit Testament (2008) WP s, ms, pf buy
Gyger And I heard a voice out of heaven (2007) AP ms, bar, mixed choir
Gyger giving voice (2012) CWP ms, pf
Gyger giving voice (2012) CWP ms, fl, ob, gtr, va, vc
Gyger The Pleiades at Midnight (2013) C WP s, ms, picc/b fl, vc, perc buy
Gyger Un poilu australien (2015)C WP ms, b, va, pf, perc buy
Hair O Venezia (2004) AP 2 s, 2 ms, hp buy
Hair Five Senses (2005) WP 2 s, 2 ms, str4t
Hair Octet with voices (2005) AP 2 s, 2 ms, str4t
Hair Yigdal (2010)WP s, ms
Hair All about Anna (2013) C WP s, ms, fl/picc, vib buy
Harris ...inside the rainbow air...(2002) AP ms, pf buy
Harris Sleep O Beloved (2001) AP 2 s, 2 ms, perc
Harrison Aster I and Aster II from Aster (1995 rev. 2014) AP ms solo
Harrison Little Gifts from Little Gifts (1996) AP ms, cl
Harrison with what do winter's summers sing?' (2004) AP ms, pf
Henderson Lovely how lives (2012) C WP s, ms, pf
Henderson Lovely how lives (2012) C WP s, ms, ob, vc, pf, hp
Henderson I lost a world the other day (2014) C WP ms, vc buy
Hindson Insect Songs (1998) ms, gui
Jordan Memory (song cycle) (2001) C WP s, ms, pf
Kats-Chernin Purple Patch (1998) solo gui
Kerry Sappho's Reply (1994) s, s, ms
Kerry Goodison Quartet no. 1: Country Music (2004)AP ms, st4t
Kerry Music (2013) C WP s, ms, cl, vc, vib buy
Kerry Three Malouf Songs (2016) C WP ms, vn, vc, pf
Kotlowy Mitithi (2014) C WP s, ms, fl, cl, pf
Lumsdaine A Tree Telling of Orpheus (1990) s, fl, cl, vn, va, vc
McCombe Halcyon (1994) ms, gui
March Ophelie (2007) C WP s, ms, bar, fl, va, hp, per
March Sea-blue bird (2013) C WP s, ms, fl, vc, vib buy
Marcellino A Strange Kind of Paradise (2010) C WP s, s, ms, ms, hp buy
Marcellino Turbulent Passions Calm (2014) C WP s, ms, a fl, vib buy
Martin Carmina Gaedelica (1999) 2 s, 2 ms buy
Martin Wimmera Song Cycle (2010)C WP s, ms, fl, vc, pf buy
Murphy 'Dearest Mother...' (2015)C WP s, va, pf buy
Peterson The Return (2004) C WP s, ms, perc, pf
Peterson See, the Prismatic Colors Glisten (2013) C WP s, ms, cl, vc, vib buy
Peterson Of Quiet Places (1998) - extracts ms, gui
Page Sonetos del Amor Oscuro (2004)C WP s, ensemble and tape buy
Page Apollinaire songs (2002 version) C WP ms, fl, cl, va, vc, pf buy
Page Hrafnsongvar (2001) WP s, vc, pf, hp buy
Page Aquila's Wing (2014) C WP s, ms buy
Page Garden (2006) koto
Page Being and Time III: Paradiso (2015) vc and dice
Ricketson Seven Relics (2002) s, vc
Robbie Damp leaves and Conversation (2002) CWP s, ms, fl, cl, va, vc, pf
Robbie The Change (2006) C WP s, ms, fl, cl, vn, vc, pf
Schultz To the Evening Star (2009) s, pf
Schultz I am writing in this book... (2011) C WP s, ms, vc, db, hp, pf, perc
Schultz Lake moonrise op.94 (2013) C WP ms, cl in A, vc, vib buy
Schultz Ditties (1983) - extracts ms, gui
Schultz Prelude and postscript p.100, no. 1 (2015) WP pf
Schultz Paradise op. 95 (2013) WP s, vc, pf
Schultz Dark Chair (2013) WP recording s, ms, b cl, db, vib
Sitsky The Jade Flute from Two Settings of Li-Po (2016) ms, fl
Sitsky A Feast of Lanterns (2013)WP - extracts ms, pf
Sitsky A Feast of Lanterns II (2015) C WP ms, vn, vc, pf, perc
Sitsky Letter from the Trenches (2015)C WP ms, va, pf, perc buy
Smalley Piano Trio (1991) vn, vc, pf
Stanhope Shadow Dancing (2001) cl, va, pf
Stanhope My Love in her Attire (2013) C WP s, cl, perc buy
Stanley Maiden Aunts (2003) C WP s, ms, va, cl, pf
Stanley Round the Bay (2013) C WP ms, fl, vc, vib buy
Sutherland Judith Wright settings (1967) ms, pf
Taylor-Newling Ombrone (2014) WP ms solo
Taylor-Newling Stars (2014) WP ms, vc
Vines Torrid Nature Scene (2008) AP s, ms, fl, hn, vn, va, vc, hp, perc, pf
Vines Jury's Din (2010) fl, vc
Vines A King's Manifesto (2014) C WP s, vc, perc buy
Walker King Ludwig’s Swans (2004/09) C WP 2 s, 2 ms, hp buy
Walker The Mystic Blue (2014) C WP ms, a fl, vib buy
Wesley-Smith Uluru song (1993) ms, vc
White Song (Amores I) (1998) ms, pf
Whitehead Bright Forms Return (1980) ms, str4t
Whitehead Nga Haerenga (The Journeys) (2000) 2 s, 2 ms, perc, narrator
Whitehead These isles your dream (1983) ms, va, pf
Whitehead All One Water (2014) C WP s, ms, perc buy
Whitehead Because of the Child (2013) AP ms solo
Whitehead Girl with a Guitar (2000) ms, vc, pf
Yu Four Haiku (1992) s, pf
Yu Three Haiku (1987) ms, vc

International Composers

Adamcyk Avant la larme (2006) AP s, sax, pf, electronics
Adès Court Studies from The Tempest (2005) AP cl, vln, vc, pf
Aho Rakkaus on Musta Leijona (2003) AP 2 s, 2 ms
Andrew fruitsongs (2000) AP ms, gui
Andrew luna-cy (2001) AP 2 s, ms
Andrew The Song of Doves (2006) AP s, 2 ms
Andrew ojo (2004/07) AP 2 s, ms
Andrew Criosda liom a cadal (2006) AP ms, mixed choir
Andrew hammock (2008) AP ms, vc
Andriessen Die Stijl (1985) 2 s, 2 ms, ensemble
Barber Hermit Songs (1952-3) s, ms, pf
Beamish Buzz (1993) AP s, va
Beamish Sonnet (1986/1998) AP s, fl, ca, pf
Bedford Come in here child (1968) s, pf
Beeson 2 Poems of Edna St Vincent Millay (1992) AP ms, pf
Benjamin Upon silence (1991)AP ms, 2 va, 3 vc, 2 db
Berio Folksongs (1964) ms, fl, cl, 2 perc, hp, va, vc
Berkeley Winter Fragments (1996) AP ms, fl/picc, ob/ca, cl/bcl, hp, vn, va, vc
Berkeley Typewriter Music (2014) WP ms, vc
Birtwistle 9 Settings of Celan (1998) AP s, 2 cl, va, vc, db
Britten Phaedra (1975) ms, 3 perc, hpd, strings
Bryars Laude 2 from Laude Cortonese (2002-04) s solo
Bryars Laude 17 from Laude Cortonese (2002-04) s solo
Bryars Laude 29 from Laude Cortonese (2002-04) s, db
Bryars Laude 7 from Laude Cortonese (2002-04) 2 s, ms
Bryars The Adnan Songbook (1996) AP s, cl, gui, 2 va, vc, db
Cage A Flower & The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs s, closed piano
Carter Voyage (1943) ms, pf
Chin Akrostichon-Wortspiel (1991/93) AP s, fl/picc/a fl, ob, cl/b cl, perc, man, hp, pf, vn, va, db
Copland As it fell upon a day (1923) s, fl, cl
Corigliano Three Irish Folksong settings (1988) s, fl
Crumb Ancient voices of children (1970) s, boy s, tr,ob, man, hp, 3 perc, e pf
Crumb Night of the four moons (1969) a, a fl (picc), bjo, e vc, perc
Crumb Federico’s little songs for children (1986) s, picc/fl/a fl/b fl, hp
Crumb Madrigal I (1965) ms, db, perc
Crumb Madrigal II (1965) ms, picc/fl/a fl, perc
Crumb Apparition (1980) s, amp pf
Debussy Trio-sonate (1915) fl, va, hp
Debussy Ariettes oubliées (1903) s, pf
Delage Quatre poemes hindous (1913) s, fl, ob, cl, bsn, pf/hp, str4t
Denisov Archipel de songes (1994) s, a fl, vib, pf
Erkoreka Bizitza (1998)AP ms, fl(picc), cl, bsn, perc, vn, vc, db
Falla Les colombes (1909) ms, pf
Falla Psyché (1913) ms, fl, hp, str trio
Feldman voices and cello (1973)AP s, ms, vc
Ficarra Full Fathom Five from Submarine (2002) AP ms, pf, tape
Finnissy Three Motets (1991/2005) AP s, solo vln/ s, va/ ms, vc
Firsova Seven Haiku after Matsuo Basho op. 47 (1991)AP s, gui
Fujikura Still sweet (1998) AP ms, a fl, va
Fujikura Being as One (2013) AP sop, b.cl, vc
Gerhard Sept Haiku (1922/58) ms, fl, ob, cl, bsn, pf
Ginastera Punena No. 2 (1976) vc solo
Glowicka Opalescence (2006) WP s, s, ms, live electronics
Glowicka Summer’s Day Sonnets (2000/2004) AP ms, str4t
Glowicka Luminescence (2009)AP s, a, a, t, b, electronics
Golijov How slow the wind (2001) s, st4t
Gorecki Good Night (1990) s, a fl, pf, perc
Gubaidulina Aus den Visionen der Hildegard von Bingen (1994) a solo
Harbison Mirabai songs (1982) s, pf
Harbison Mirabai songs (1982) s, a fl, b cl, perc, hp, vn, va, vc, db
Harvey Lullaby for the Unsleeping (1982) ms, pf
Harvey Song Offerings (1985) s, fl/afl, cl, pf, str4t, db/crot
Holt Three songs from Six Caprices (1998) AP ms solo
Hui Lacrymosa (1996) AP s, cl, pf
Hui 3 Longfellow songs (1985-88) AP ms, pf
Ibert Deux steles orientées(1925) s, fl
Ives Sunrise (1926) ms, vln, pf
James Ophelia (2004) AP fl, pf
Kaipainen Sonnet 43 (1994) AP s, pf
Kim Now and then (1982) s, fl, va, hp
Kim Three Poems in French (1989) ms, str4t
Kim Where Grief Slumbers (1982) s, hp, strings
Knussen Whitman Settings (1991) s, pf
Lam Amitabha (2002) WP s, ms, fl, cor a, vn, va
Larsen Liebeslied and Do you know? AP From Beloved, thou hast brought me flowers (1994) ms, vc, pf
Leeuw, Ton de Song I & III from Haiku: Songs and Interludes for voice and piano (1963) ms, pf
Lefanu, Nicola The Bourne and The Swallow from Rossetti Songs s, ms, ms
Ligeti Sippál, Dobbál, Nádihegedüvel (2000) AP ms, 4 perc
Lombardo At Parting Now, Harvest Moon from Three Haiku (c.2000) AP ms, fl
Lombardo Two Love Songs (2014) AP ms, va
Lutyens The Valley of Hatsu-se (1965)AP s, fl/a fl, cl, vc, pf
McGuire Celtic Knotwork (1994) AP s, s, ms
Macmillan Raising Sparks (1999) ms, fl, cl, str4t, pf, hp
Maconchy Sun, Moon and Stars (1978) s, pf
Matthews, Colin Strugnell's Haiku(1990) s, pf
Messiaen Poèmes pour mi Book 1 (1936) s, pf
Miki Sohmon III (1988) s, pf, perc
Montsalvatge Canciones para niños(1964) ms, pf
Panufnik The Spirit of the Saints (2007) s, s, ms, ms, hp
Poulenc 33 songs v, pf
Ravel Trois poemes de Stéphane Mallarmé (1913) ms, picc, fl, cl, b cl, pf, str4t
Ravel Chansons madécasses (1926) ms, fl, vc, pf
Reich Know What is Above You (1999) AP s, s, ms, ms, 2 perc
Reich Tehillim (1981) s, s, ms, ms, ensemble
Reich Daniel Variations (2006) AP s, s, t, t, ensemble
Reich Music for 18 Musicians (1974-76) s, s, ms, ms, ensemble
Reich Drumming (1970-71) s, s, ms, ensemble
Rorem Songs ms, pf
Roussel Deux poemes de Ronsard (1924) s, fl
Saariaho Grammaire des Reves (1988-89) AP s, ms, 2 fl, va, vc, hp
Saariaho Cendres (1998) a fl, vc, pf
Saariaho Du gick, flog (1982) s, pf
Saariaho Lonh (1996) soprano, electronics
Saariaho Neh och inte (1979) AP s,s, ms, ms
Saariaho Quatre messages (1999) s, s, fl, hp
Saariaho The Tempest Songbook (1993-2004) AP s, ms, bar, ensemble
Saariaho Nuits, adieux (1991/1996) s, a, t, b, mixed choir
Saariaho Nuits, adieux (1991/1996) s, a, t, b, solo and electronics
Salonen Floof (1988/90) AP s, cl, cb cl, perc, pf, synth, vc
Satoh The Heavenly Spheres are Illuminated By Lights (1979) s, pf, perc
Satoh Homa (1988) s, str4t
Schwantner Sparrows (1978) s, fl, cl, vn, va, vc, hp, pf, perc
Schwantner Black Anemones(1980) AP s, pf
Stravinsky Two poems of Konstantin Balmont (1911) s, pf
Stravinsky Three Japanese Lyrics (1912-1913) s, pf
Stravinsky Three Shakespeare songs(1953) ms, fl, cl, va
Tann Winter Sun, Summer Rain (1986) AP fl, cl, va, vc, cel
Tavener Akhmatova songs (1993) AP s, vc
Tippett Songs for Ariel (1962) ms, pf
Ung Aura (2006)AP s, ms, ensemble
Van Parys Three Mew Poems (2004) AP ms, fl, vc, pf
Vidales Four Basho Haiku (2008) AP s, perc
Vivier Bouchara (1981) AP s, fl, ob, cl, hn, bsn, perc, 2 vn, va, vc, db
Wishart Vox 2 (1982-84) AP s, a, t, b, electronics