This Moment Must Be Sung (CD)


This Moment Must Be Sung (CD)


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  • I am writing in this book op. 88 1. A gift of paper  2. Secret meetings  3. Language of women  4. I see the word 'storm'  5. It is getting dark
  • Lake moonrise op. 94
  • Paradise op. 95 7. Suspended earth 8. Safety glass  9. Child, who are you?  10. Jigsaw  11. Almost flight
  • I am black op. 63a
  • To the Evening Star 13. Lake Isle of Innisfree  14. Pied Beauty  15. Mezzo Cammin  16. Money, O!  17. To the evening star
  • Dark Chair op. 47c


Luke Spicer conductor, Alison Morgan soprano,  Jenny Duck-Chong mezzo-soprano, Jason Noble clarinet, Geoffrey Gartner cello, Anna Martin-Scrase cello, Jennifer Druery double bass, Kirsty McCahon double bass, William Jackson percussion, Rowan Phemister harp, Chris Cartner piano, Sally Whitwell piano

Recorded at Trackdown December 2013-February 2016  Engineer: Daniel Brown  Produced by Halcyon  Mastered by Utopia Audio  Cover image:  Linden Gledhill Cover Design: Elizabeth Duck-Chong
Released by Tall Poppies on 1 May 2018