The Art of Disappearing


Audio Engineer and Producer: Jayson McBride
Executive Producer: Cameron Lam
Record Label: Kammerklang
Cover Art: Luke Moseley

Released by Kammerklang on 28th May 2019

Available to buy from Bandcamp and to listen on Spotify


The Art of Disappearing is a song cycle meditating on the nature of grief. Slowly transforming from stasis - where is everything is arresting and alien - grief doesn't leave. It becomes an important and empathetic part of us, as we learn to move again.

The fifth portrait album from Sydney composer, Cameron Lam, weaves together the timbre and expressive depth of mezzo soprano Jenny Duck-Chong and the vibrant connection of the Geist String Quartet to paint a delicate response to the rhythmic and intensely musical poetry of Sarah Holland-Batt's first book, Aria.


  1. The Art of Disappearing I 04:56

  2. Tracery 07:19

  3. Synchronised Time (from String Quartet No.2 "Time Echoes Your Sound") 06:14

  4. Meditation on the Plums I 04:00

  5. Scattered Like A Broken Crusader (from String Quartet No.2 "Time Echoes Your Sound") 04:20

  6. Elegie 06:34

  7. Athenian Jar 03:42

  8. Silence Resonating Into Sound (from String Quartet No.2 "Time Echoes Your Sound") 05:50

  9. Enduring Ritual 06:27

  10. Meditation on the Plums II 04:10

  11. That Which Was Always There (from String Quartet No.2 "Time Echoes Your Sound") 05:16

  12. The Art of Disappearing II 05:38

Composer: Cameron Lam
Poet: Sarah Holland-Batt

Mezzo soprano: Jenny Duck-Chong (Halcyon)
Geist String Quartet:
Violin I - Sonia Wilson
Violin II - Mia Stanton
Viola - Hayasa Tanaka
Violoncello - James Larsen