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Halcyon Performs Elliott Gyger - Jenny Duck-Chong and Elliott Gyger on the Music Show 30/9/18

This Kind of Life: Halcyon celebrates 20 years of new music by Angus McPherson for Limelight 18/7/18
It is great to be able to look back and reflect on what has happened in the last twenty years: creating a substantial body of new Australian repertoire for voice and instruments; producing a significant recording catalogue… maintaining a high standard of repertoire across two decades of programming, which has been regularly acclaimed for its excellence; developing a diverse audience base drawing together new music aficionados, friends, newcomers, composers and fellow musicians who have trusted us to present interesting and engaging programs and come along even if they knew none of the works or composers on the program; building a strong network of co-artists at various stages of their career (over 120 musicians have been involved in Halcyon performances); developing a YouTube presence, including an interview series with Australian composers about their work; and showing instrumentalists and composers that singers are musicians too!
I guess there’s a lot to celebrate!

Jenny Duck-Chong on 20 years of Halcyon by Kate Tribe for ClassikON 16/7/18
I've never been very good at taking advice from myself! But if I had to ...passion and vision are great motivators to begin something but you need more to last the distance - apart from being excellent at what you do you need unlimited persistence and patience, a positive outlook, a high degree of resourcefulness and problem and good friends and colleagues.

Halcyon albums now from the AMC by Australian Music Centre 14/11/17

Kingfisher - songs for Halcyon by Alison Morgan 8/8/13
...rested and ready for a bold new challenge, we’ve asked 23 composers to write 23 new chamber songs for Halcyon. 'Kingfisher' ('halcyon' is the genus name for this dashing little bird) is already proving to be an immensely satisfying venture, though rehearsals are still three months away. The first songs have trickled in, each one a unique instalment in what promises to be the best birthday present ever!

Halcyon: the binary star by Elliott Gyger 23/9/13
For The Pleiades at Midnight I happened upon a delightful metaphor for the ensemble as a whole. Halcyon (in its Latinised form, Alcyone) is the name of the brightest star in the Pleiades – not a single star, as it happens, but an eclipsing binary orbited by three smaller stars. My piece therefore places Alison and Jenny – as joint soloists and co-directors – at the centre, orbited by a constellation of three instrumentalists.

Invitation to another voyage: my new work for Halcyon by Gordon Kerry 19/9/13
Halcyon's dedication to new work has been exemplary; the results are performances of the highest standard, both of newly commissioned and established works.

First Stones - from ideas to fruition by Elliott Gyger 29/11/11
Having participated in numerous composer development programs myself, it is a pleasure and a delight now to be able to pass on the favour to younger composers through taking on the role of teacher and mentor. Halcyon’s First Stones project has been particularly rewarding, as it’s the first program I’ve been in on from the beginning and helped to design...

First Stones - compositions taking shape by Alison Morgan 6/7/11

First Stones - a new composer development initiative by Halcyon by Jenny Duck-Chong 28/2/11
Since its inception in 1998, Halcyon has made a very significant contribution to the body of new work for voice created by established Australian composers. This year, the ensemble invites emerging composers from around Australia to take part in FIRST STONES, a new initiative to encourage the development of vocal writing skills. Successful applicants will take part in seminars and workshops in Sydney, with mentorship by Halcyon and composer Elliott Gyger. The project will culminate in November with a performance of the new works by Halcyon, as part of the New Music Network’s 2011 concert series. Deadline for FIRST STONES applications is 14 March.

A decade of Halcyon - now they are 10 by Andrew Ford 2/9/08
Calling themselves Halcyon and gathering around them, from project to project, instrumentalists and other singers, they have ever since provided one of the few consistently bright spots on Sydney's fairly dire new music scene.