A new video series - In Conversation With…

In 2018 we are thrilled to launch a new video series on our YouTube channel, simply titled In Conversation With….  You can read more about the idea behind it here.  


One of the joys of performing new music is to get alongside living composers and form relationships with them as well as their music. In this series we are talking with composers who have worked with, or written for, Halcyon over the years to give you insights into their works and process from their own perspectives.  Edited into bite-sized clips on a range of topics, the first videos in the collection - featuring composers Elliott Gyger, Raffaele Marcellino and Ross Edwards - are now live on the playlist here and interviews with Matthew Hindson, Andrew Schutz and Andrew Ford are currently in production.

Subscribe to the channel to see the collection of insights from a diverse group of Australian composers as it grows.  And add to the conversation by letting us know what you think.

A footnote:  As the issue of women’s representation in music is a particularly current (and valid) one, Halcyon would like to note that it has always been pro-active in supporting female composers and musicians.  If you take a look at the photos on our repertoire page (here) featuring the most-performed composers in the list, you’ll see that women have made up a high percentage throughout our 20 years. We believe in celebrating the best of music and, though gender has not been a major selection point, as we have always looked to thematic threads to construct programs, we’re proud to have been able to raise awareness of many wonderful female composers at various career stages who we have got to know both here and overseas.  The video series as yet does not reflect this diversity but we are working to get some female perspectives into the Conversation soon.