Over the past 20 years, Halcyon has amassed an impressive collection of studio albums and live recordings, as well as having performances recorded by ABC Classic FM, Fine Music and others. This vast catalogue allows us to share a selection of our history with you, both on our Youtube channel, where recordings and archival concert footage are regularly posted, and here on this page.

You can listen to the following tracks at the links below, or explore more audio on the Halcyon YouTube channel.

Many of our studio albums are available for download and purchase, which you can find below and in our store.

You can also listen to:

• apple and blackberry, from Kerry Andrew's fruit songs, recorded live at Earth Jewels

• Andrew Ford’s Willow Songs (extract)

• Ruth Lee Martin's Wimmera Song Cycle (extract)

• Ross Edward’s Maninya I (extract)

Label Releases

See the full list of recordings here.

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