The Bold Concert

Date: 12 October 2002
Venue: St Andrew's Cathedral School

Date: 17 October 2002 
Venue: John Lingard Hall Canberra Grammar School

Albert Roussel - Deux Poemes de Ronsard (1924)
Rosalind Page - Apollinaire Songs (2002 version)**
Andrew Robbie - Damp Leaves and Conversation (2002) *
Jacques Ibert - Deux Steles Orientees  (1925)
Sharon Calcraft - Stephanos (2002) *
Kaija Saariaho - Grammaire des Rêves (1988-89) ^

* World premiere   ^ Australian premiere
** includes new movement l'univers

Matthew Wood  conductor  Alison Morgan soprano  Jenny Duck-Chong mezzo-soprano Kathleen Gallagher flutes  Balinese gong  Steven Meyer  flute  Diana Springford  clarinet  Nicole Forsyth  viola  Deborah Coogan  cello  Genevieve Lang  harp  Alice Giles  electro-acoustic harp  Andrew Robbie  piano