After 20 years, Halcyon has proved its credentials as an educator and mentor, with a willingness to engage and interact with audiences by sharing their vast experience in this field. Halcyon has now developed a series of educational seminars suitable for young composers or singers, music students and their teachers, able to be used in conjunction with practical workshops or to stand alone as individual presentations.

The links below outline the range of seminars on offer, as well as details of some particular projects and other free resources to explore.  Further presentations  or practical workshops could also be created to focus on other specific works from Halcyon’s repertoire or to explore particular areas of interest in more detail.

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General Education

Halcyon's educational background, credentials and general seminars on offer

War Letters

Four newly commissioned works written to commemorate the anniversary of WWI


Twenty-one songs commissioned for Halcyon's 15th birthday

First Stones

Halcyon's inaugural young composers project exploring vocal chamber music

In Conversation With

Meet great Australian composers of vocal music and hear insights into their work in their own words

Archival Footage

Performance footage, recordings and more uploaded from the vaults on our Youtube channel