Archival Footage

Nothing can replace the thrill of hearing music played live, of hearing the music being created in front of you, watching the interactions of the players, and being connected to the physicality of the sound and ensemble as it happens. This is one of the great joys of chamber music, to be able to share very intimate music at close range with a responsive audience. However, concerts are infrequent events and dependent on one’s ability to be  geographically close to performers. There will always be people  unable to experience this music live, and for many of the same reasons we want to share  this music  with audiences in the first place, it is important that people are able to experience these works more often and from all over the globe.

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To this end Halcyon began creating studio recordings in 2008, to bring many rare and newly created  works to a greater listening public. But it is also valuable to be able to get a sense of the performance and see and hear the work repeatedly. While Halcyon has documented much performance history on video, it has always remained locked away and unseen, so we are now making a selection of these video recordings available to the public.

Recorded across our 20 year history, these uploads will be available in perpetuity on Halcyon’s YouTube channel, with new recordings added regularly. To ensure you don’t miss out on an upload, subscribe to the channel or our mailing list.

Halcyon on Youtube

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