Musica Viva tour

1 May 2009  Armidale Town Hall


Dan Walker                 King Ludwig’s Swans (2004)                                    

Kerry Andrew              luna-cy (2001)                                                                       

Ross Edwards              The Harp and the Moon (2008)                                                      

Stuart Greenbaum      Three Songs of Sleep (1998/2006)                                               
                                 1. Late Autumn Lullaby 2. Lullaby (from Nelson) 3. Balloon Ride

Gavin Bryars              Laude 7: Ave regina gloriosa from Laude Cortonese (2002-2004) [AP]

Kerry Andrew              The Song of Doves (2006) [AP]                                                                                   

Ruth Lee Martin          Fairie Lover and Good Wish from Carmina Gaedelica (1999)       

Stuart Greenbaum      Nine Candles for Dark Nights (2006)                                            

Kerry Andrew              ojo (2004/7) [AP]                                                                                   

Graham Hair               O Venezia (2004)     

[AP] Australian Premiere                                                                        



Alison Morgan, Belinda Montgomery  sopranos  Jenny Duck-Chong, Jo Burton  mezzo sopranos  Genevieve Lang harp


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